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Sometimes it is strange to see how projects are created. With this is definitely the case. It started in 2000 when a good friend of me was not getting married to his girlfriend of AEGEE-Kopenhagen. The entire non wedding took place in Kopenhagen but before we surprised him with a non bachelor party. For this reason I bought a camera to tape the embarassing moments.

One year later I was sitting in the office of AEGEE-Eindhoven discussing what to do with Marc and the conversation turned into the idea to start an internet television station. Since even Marc was enthousiastic we registered on the same day and started to organise the mediaschool in Eindhoven. For this event we needed money so I wrote to a fund for subvention for 5 events, we got it and was born.

The whole idea of is bring young people around Europe in contact with making television. It is a powerfull medium and by experiencing themselves they see what it can do to society. AEGEE is rich in journalists, communcation students, cineasts, media experts, etc. In this way we can bring them together and see what the magic of television can do. So far we organised 6 events in which multinational teams were working together to make a broadcast.

The MediaSchool in Eindhoven took place in april and was the start of Around 30 participants learned how to be a journalist by one of the journalists of the national dutch news. We learned how to deal with a camera by the head of education of the national broadcast organisation, we learned how to edit by the master himself, Ivan Stuger. We learned to work together in a team and to make a short film.

In Amsterdam we put this to practise. In may at the Agora of Amsterdam we were able to run a studio (thanks to the help of AEGEE-Amsterdam) were we could make a newscoverage of the Agora every day. We made it three days in a row. It is hard work, compressed with 15 people in a small room, but we had coffee, real lunch and a lot of fun. And working together under a deadline creates a brilliant group spirit.

In the summer we visited 4 summer universities to make a short documentary out of all of them. The trip was fantastic. Four journalists in a car driving to Torino where the president, compelety surprised welcomed us. After three great days we moved on to Rijeka where we arrrived in the middle of the night. It was hard to leave them again after only three days but the journey moved on to Budapest and later to Koln. The results were shown at the agora in Athens.

The CD in Brussels was the next project of Our team went to Brussels to film them, unfortunately we missed Mark and Hakan but we had a great time with the others, resulting in the CD uncensored movie. is always on top of the news, so the departure of Koen G. Berden as chair was another reason to start filming. Jaap, Betina, Parcifal and Michiel gathered in Arnhem to shoot the scandal film. I can assure you that we have been laughing the whole time.

In the time before the Agora in Athens we organised the MediaSchool in Patras. Thanks to the help of AEGEE-Patras who performed miracles by organising the event in only 4 days, we visited the local tv station, a winery and other jewels of the city. But the real jewels were our participants. Around 15 of them from Romania, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Greece learned how to make television during the workshops.

At the Agora in Athens we put this into practise. Though we brough 6 laptops, a beamer, 3 camera's, microphones, printers, loads of cables and all kind of other stuff we forgot to bring a power generater so when the light went out of friday we had no way of filming. Half of the crew left for the hotel were we changed one of the rooms into a studio. By kicking out 2 beds and adding 4 tables we had our studio were the first material was edited deep into the night. The next days were amazing as well, our crew had no sleep but they kept going on making a great show everyday. And the agora appreciated it, the applause kept my adrenaline flowing, it was magic.

Now we are back home, our ict team created a website were you can download 44 films on AEGEE. We have new projects running and there are more than 20 new people interested. I have 7 antennas asking me to organise a MediaSchool there. And we have plans for documentaries, a soap and maybe a full featured film.


I tell you, its magic???.




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