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To encourage communication, our challenge is to promote movie as universal language. We provoke you to express yourself, to free your imagination, to share your ideas. You are young, full of energy and initiative. Frame your story in a movie scene. Shoot out loud!


Tripping in Amsterdam

View movie Tripping in Amsterdam

02.Stereotypes in Conflict

View movie 02.Stereotypes in Conflict


View movie Amazing

01.Tips to get warm

View movie 01.Tips to get warm

Special Report

View movie Special Report

Celebration 20 years AEGEE

View movie Celebration 20 years AEGEE


View movie 03.(ch)airplane

Group 61

View movie Group 61

Butterfly effect

View movie Butterfly effect

01.Tips to get warm

View movie 01.Tips to get warm

02.Agora on Fire

View movie 02.Agora on Fire


View movie 03.(ch)airplane

About is the European Internet television station for young people around Europe. With over 50 students and young professionals we experiment with creating television. A place where you can find out what media can do for you, a place where you can see what impact you might have. It is the possibility for young people from all over Europe to share their ideas, experience and enthousiasm about creating television.

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Creating Internet television AEGEE style! That is what we do in and we use every means possible. We organise MediaSchools to teach you the skills to write, ask, film and edit. We travel around Europe to bring the best on television in documentaries. Humour, drama, art, we put it in short films. Basicly our only bounds are the limits of our imagination. And believe me, we will not reach them for a long time. Who knows you might be the big winner at the Awards at the end of this year.

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Here you can find it all. The best, the worst, all of our efforts, enthousiasm and spirit are put into these films. From april 2002 onwards you can find the films we created. Over time you will even find a database with old material which we are gathering around Europe. Have fun watching and let us know what you think of, European internet television AEGEE sytle!

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Introduction ATV SU Tour 2003

Introduction ATV SU Tour 2003




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